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The Center for SMART Health is an interdisciplinary UCLA team with backgrounds and expertise in diverse areas touching computing, information technologies, healthcare, and other areas. The Center is guided by several faculty, with projects and operations managed by an experienced group of scientists. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows also provided support to the Center’s efforts, and we collaborate extensively through the UCLA campus with domain experts in diverse clinical, public health, and engineering disciplines.

Alex Bui, PhD


Minh Cao

Graduate Student

Steven Dubinett

CTSI Director

Dan Geschwind

IPH Director

Zeyu Li

Graduate Student

Ali Mosleh

GIRS Director

Arash Naeim


Noor Nakhaei

Graduate Student

Panayiotis Petousis

Senior Data Scientist

Ramin Ramezani

Technology Director

Wenhao Zhang

Graduate Student

Guangyu Zhou

Graduate Student