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About Us


The UCLA Center for Systematic, Measurable, Actionable, Resilient, and Technology-driven (SMART) Health is a campus-wide collaborative that looks to the integrated transformation of healthcare through emergent data and technologies. A joint effort between the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), the Institute for Precision Health (IPH), and the B. John Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences that brings together UCLA’s experts to shape how digital and data-driven healthcare technologies will help to manage risk, reliability, resilience, uncertainty, and precision in future biomedical research and clinical care.

The goals of the Center are:

  • To enable team science around digital healthcare technologies through high impact projects, addressing the technical development, validation, and demonstrated translation of ideas into real-world tools; as well as the clinical, social, and economic policy implications surrounding such methods.

  • To support interdisciplinary education and training for the next generation of researchers interested in bio-medical data science and its application.

  • To catalyze partnerships with industry and NGOs around new healthcare technologies, including coordinated opportunities for testbed development; platform incubation and evaluation; and dissemination.


The Center takes on a range of biomedical translational efforts through interdisciplinary, novel approaches to ensure the effective use of technologies in real-world healthcare environments.

The Center for SMART Health is dedicated to the research, evaluation, and application of digital health technologies and data-driven analyses that advance human health by predicting and reducing risk, improving decision-making, and optimizing the spectrum of clinical care activities.